Unique, Beautiful, Sexy, Sophisticated…

Just a few terms to name the special events by At The Villa Group, always situated in different and unique locations in Holland and Belgium. With several different concepts like At The Ballroom, At The Beach and NYE, At The Villa Group stands for high-class club events, always seeking for new ways to entertain and treat it’s audience. No wonder all events attract a special mix of beautiful people from all corners of The Netherlands and Belgium.

Apart from the beautiful locations and unique atmosphere, At The Villa Group is well-know for it’s international line-up of DJs who treat it’s audience with sexy vocal housemusic. Next to resident-DJs 2Dirty (Jochem and G-Roam) and Cher, the programming always consist live-artists like sax-players, percussionists and vocalists. Everybody who’s been there once can confirm: you need to be part of the At The Villa Group Family!